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Tuesday March 31 2015 

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Child Protection Guidelines

. Child Protection Guidelines

 This section contains Tullamore Basketball Club child protection guidelines (a code of behaviour for coaches and volunteers). It is important that our code of behaviour reflects the child centred ethos of our organisation:

. listening to children/and young people

. valuing and respecting children as individuals

. involving older children in decision making, as appropriate

. encouraging and praising children

. keeping children and young people safe  It is also important for the protection of all concerned that coaches, volunteers, children and young people have guidelines on what is expected and what is not accepted, with respect to their behaviour.

Guidelines for Coaches and volunteers include the following:

Coaches and volunteers should not spend excessive amounts of time alone with children away from others.

Meetings with individual children or young people should take place as openly as possible.

If privacy is needed, the door should be left open and other Coaches or volunteers informed of the meeting.

Coaches and volunteers are advised not to make unnecessary physical contact with children and young people.

However, there may be occasions when physical contact is unavoidable, such as providing comfort and reassurance for a distressed child, or physical support in the context of the sport.

In all cases, physical contact should only take place with the consent of the child or young person, and they should understand that it is a physical game.

It is not good practice to take children alone in a car on journeys, however short. Where this is unavoidable, it should be with the full knowledge and consent of the parents and other committee members.

Coaches and volunteers should not meet with children outside organised activities unless it is with the knowledge and consent of their parents.